Here is The ultimate list Of Incredibly Useful Websites You Ought To Know

The ultimate list Of Incredibly Useful Websites You Ought To Know
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Here Is The ultimate list Of Incredibly Useful Websites You Ought To Know

Do you know that there so many incredibly wonderful and useful websites that are hidden all over the internet and not known by a vast majority of internet users? I choose to describe these websites as hidden websites because they happened to be not as popular as most of the big brands’ websites but they have great and useful contents that are helpful for daily internet users so in this article you will get to see those useful websites that you really ought to know. How did I get To Know About These Incredibly Useful Websites?

I got to know this incredibly useful website when I was looking for some new content for my Internet Browsing experience, I looked first to my search engine and typed in such keywords as: “Cool Websites,” “Most Interesting Websites,” “Best Websites.” and so on. It was like my search engine threw a party, and all the cool and popular websites showed up first, like Facebook. Facebook is always the first to arrive at the party, and he is surrounded by hordes of beautiful and adoring fans. Twitter is there too, she is the gossip girl, who knows all the latest things going on everywhere. I thought to myself, “What about those websites over there, hiding at the back of the room?” I came close to take a look at their smiling fresh faces. I wanted to get to know them one by one. So I sat down, clicked away at my mouse, and got acquainted.

Of all the useful websites I became acquainted with, BugMeNot was the most mysterious. He was hiding in the corner with a fedora hat and dark sunglasses. He informed me that he had been around since 2003, and after a little reluctance, he introduced himself as Guy King. I asked him what he was hiding from, and why. He explained, that sometimes it’s better to remain anonymous online, especially when registering for different websites. He showed me how it worked. First, you look for a website that you are interested in, some kind of website that is free and requires registration to enter. Well, BugMeNot was clever and provided me a free username and password, so that I could log in and look around without ever having to provide any information to the website. This tool helps eliminate useless spam emails that are generated from all the accounts that require a user registration account. I bookmarked BugMeNot in my browser, we will soon meet again.

Amongst the list of useful websites I found, this website was like a real gem. GetNotify was a clean cut older gentleman standing in the crowd with a small change jar in his hand for collecting donations. After a few questions, I learned that GetNotify is an email follow-up service. If you attach the prefix “” at the end of your recipient email address, GetNotify will send you a message, detailing when the email was opened. It even detects the approximate location of the user, and what kind of computer browser they were using. I could use the service for five emails a day, and then it would reset each day. I tipped my hat to GetNotify because he was such a useful and polite gentleman.

Next, the Live Stream team of 100 employees came into the room. This website founded in 2007, is starting to attract more attention more than ever. The LiveStream Website was surrounded by a loyal audience of patrons that use the service to Live Stream Feed such things as News Feeds, Game Feeds, Live Concerts, Sports and more. At first, I was a little confused when visiting LiveStream. I think I expected to find it more laid out like YouTube, with many kinds of Live Feeds available to watch, but after exploring, I find if you click on the Discover link. You will find the collection of Live Feeds that I had been wanting to explore. For those wanting to do Live Steam feeds, the beginner package starts at about 100.00 a month, or if you pay for a year in advance, it works out to 42.00 per month. The more advanced packages have more features but are a little expensive. However, for professional use, more advanced tools and streaming demands are necessary. Although if you are strictly a viewer and don’t Livestream, then you can find an extensive list of live streaming events online, a selection much more than Youtube is offering. I was impressed with the friendly team of Live Stream because they were willing to chat and offer support for their Live Streaming Services.

This was one of the useful websites that I didn’t even know that I needed, until now. How many times have you had to post your email Online on an open forum, only to receive Spam emails later? This clever website masks your own email so that Spambots, and Email harvesters can’t steal your email and share it with other sources. If you’re feeling adventurous, visit the FAQ’s page to learn what kind of whiskey this gentleman prefers, or what he intends on doing with his ugly website. It’s an interesting read. Cheers!

Good old’ reminds me of Robotic Bender, from Futurama, but I am not sure why just yet. I uploaded a picture of me to see how many websites have stolen the use of my profile photo, not a single one. I don’t know if that is good or bad. TinEye scours the complete Internet in order to see where that picture is posted and delivers the results in about a minute or less. If someone had done this in ancient Salem, back in the day, they would have dunked this website in water until it confessed it’s magical sorcery. Good Job Tin Eye, you have made the Internet a much more interesting place that’s why you are preferred amongst the list of useful websites.

When you first meet FaxZero, you won’t see a flashy appearance, just a professional one. If you want to send a fax and you don’t have a machine, amongst the useful websites, this website is perfect for you. All you have to do is upload your document to FaxZero, give your email address, input the sender’s name, fax number, and a message if desired, and click send. After that, go to your email, and confirm it. It will then send the document to the recipient. I have used this service before a few times, and it worked perfectly. If you don’t send a lot of documents, it is completely free. A three-page document plus a cover document is free, with a limit of five sent faxes per day. If your document is larger than 3 pages, you will have to pay the modest fee of $1.99, up to 25 pages sent. They take Paypal, so you don’t have to use your credit card online. I can’t think of a more useful website than this one.

My first impression of is that of my neighbor across the street with a vivacious personality, who knows everything about everyone, and everything. Snopes has been around since 1994, an oldie, but good website. It has articles about the current events in the news, and tries to dispel rumors by “fact-checking.” I would rely on Snopes “fact-checking,” as much I would my neighbor, trying to explain to me that ET’s don’t exist because he has never seen one. It is a good source of entertainment, however, if you want to see the other angle of an idea or news story. Personally, I am disappointed that Snopes said that there was no spider that crawled out of the banana like we have all been told before.

Talking about useful websites, this website is like a real friend that pushes you to finish your goals and projects. Most people have so-called “New Years Resolutions,” or an idea in their head that they want to achieve, but at the same time, no push or inner motivator to make it stick. has worked all the details for you. The founders of Stickk: Dean Karlan, Ian Ayres, and Jordan Goldberg launched this Start-up company in 2007, and it is still going strong. The premise is simple, you make your goals, and sign a contract that you will complete your goal. Additionally, you can make a charitable pledge that will increase your chances that you will complete your goal. There is a named “referee” that could be a friend or someone that will monitor your progress toward you making your goal. You may make updates to show your progress toward you accomplishing your goal. The service and registration is free. They earn money from ad revenue and donations. I like everything about Stickk, and you will too. is another better choice in the list of useful websites, this website is handy because you can look up any tracking for your packages from UPS, USPS, Fed Ex or DHL, without having to visit their individual websites. The website is no frills and a simple input search box. Just put in your tracking number, and Boxoh will tell you where your shipment is right now on Google maps. This information eliminates you having to take the time to look up the city on Google maps after you find your shipment is part of the way to its destination point.

Image editing has never been so easy. This special Online editing software has easy to use presets, that makes image editing as simple as point-and-click. You can sample the software, by utilizing their preloaded images, or use one of your own. You can change the hair color with its realistic-looking application so that it doesn’t look like paint over the hair, but natural hair color instead. You can remove wrinkles and red eyes from the photograph. You can slim down your photo subject, or add features such as makeup, and facial hair. PicMonkey offers a free seven-day trial for upgrade tools and download capability to your photograph.

Trello stands out of the crowd with this productivity platform and this site is great in the list of useful websites. It is a collaborative project tool that began in 2011 by Fog Creek Software. First, Trello organizes the material in the form of Boards, then it breaks everything down into Lists, and further into Cards. Trello offers everything that you need for project management: due dates, labels, comments, attachments and more. The software offers an App in order to take everything with you, where ever you go. Trello is useful for schools, Universities, Business, and even Law office management. With Trello, you can organize everything without needing to create paper files and notes.

This Website probably developed out of the old proverb that states, if you borrow something from a friend, be sure to pay it back soon in order to remain good friends. If you work in an office for example, and every day, someone else offers to pay for the lunch tab, without having careful records of the transactions, various workmates may feel slighted, if the tab was much less for one worker that it was for everyone else. This software comes to the rescue, by offering precision data choices, such as the names of the participants, or your Facebook friends, the short list in order to tabulate how much each person needs to contribute in order to be “even.” You can print, and export your data, or even work offline. The best thing about this tool is that it is so convenient, it allows you to export it to Excel, and auto-fills your information, so that you don’t have to refill everything out again. This supports multiple languages too. And oh, did I mention it was also free?

Still in the list of useful websites is This learning language website is the like the fun guy of the room. There are 150 languages to choose from, and as you go through the levels, your knowledge really grows. If you miss an answer, it will incorporate the unlearned word or phrase in another part of the exercise. This is perfect for people that want to learn a language, but have trouble remembering what they learned because the information is repeated continually. I think it is a brick-by-brick approach because it is constantly building on what you have already learned. The feature of the Leader Board encourages you to strive harder, to “beat” your fellow learners. Extra tools are available for a pro-subscription, like statistics, and detailed learning reports. This website has been around since 2016, but it is not underdeveloped, by any means. It makes learning a foreign language fun and easy.

After spending time on Instructables, you might feel moved to get busy on making your own project. If you want to share your project with others, you can document your work, share a video, or explore other people’s work. You are able to explore other people’s projects and rate their work. If you want to know how others view your project before you decide to sell it online, for example, you can find out what people think about it first. It is so helpful to receive feedback, because what project doesn’t need a little improvement?

Not long ago, I was looking for a VOIP program that provides everything I needed for video calls and meetings. I think I may have found the right one with Join.Me software. It is a useful communications tool for shared screens, team collaboration, and online meetings. It’s not just another VOIP, but it has useful built-in tools, such as a whiteboard, presenter swap, meeting scheduling, and the ability to allow a guest to drop into the meeting. It offers both video and audio calls, so you can visually see your audience. This is perfect for large meetings, because of the guests in the call, are in small bubbles, to allow up to 50 people to attend the conference or meeting. The professional and well-designed application offers a basic, and professional plan, all under 30.00. Viewers are allowed to stream for free, with an invitation, and a free trial is offered, so you can see if it is for you. is a word processing software that allows team collaboration with documents. This software would be useful in an office setting, newspaper writing, and editing team, or on a blog article sharing project. The project is automatically saved with every change or edit automatically. This software offers the sharing of notes and brainstorming among members. The free plan allows note sharing, but the paid version at 2.00 per user, offers more functionality and tools.

Privnote offers completely private messaging between the sender and the recipient. After you write a message, you are given a link to paste in the user’s email. After the link is opened, it will “self-destruct,” so there is no paper trail, and no information left behind to get hacked. This is the perfect tool for VPN users, Tor Browser users, and just anyone who likes to retain their own privacy on the web without having to worry about getting hacked. You can also be informed after your message has been read by the recipient. Each message is stored on the Privnote website, and after it has been read, it self-destructs, therefore, it can only be read one time.

ScribbleMaps is a collaborative map-making project software for users. If you ever wanted to make your own treasure map, then this software is for you. You can locate existing locations on a map, and create markers on your locations, as well as text. It is easy to export the map in various formats, such as PDF GPX and many others. Scribblemaps helps you create specialized maps, perfect for land brokers that want a detailed map for their prospective buyers to find their way accurately.

Savy travelers like to use TripIt to make their trip so much easier. If you know your flight, hotel, and car rental information, for example, you will send the information to TripIt, and a detailed itinerary is created just for you. This can save you a lot of time, so you can make your travel more efficient and pleasurable. You don’t have to write anything down either, it is accessible anytime and anywhere from your phone. The professional version of $49 is hard to beat also, because it also tracks your rewards points, and offers real-time flight alerts. Be sure to not travel without TripIt; it is your personal travel companion in your pocket.

Skyscanner is an excellent search engine that not only helps you book the cheapest flights, but also help you book hotels and car rental options. Started in 2002 as a project by IT professionals frustrated with finding the right flight for skiing resorts, the search engine has grown into a successful company with over 1,200 partners in the flying industry, and over 800 employees worldwide. Using a comprehensive algorithm, the search engine pulls from many different sites to find the perfect flight to fit your budget, from your computer or Skyscanner mobile app. What makes Skyscanner different from other flight search engines is that is it’s tailored by frequent fliers, for frequent fliers.

Part of the biggest difficulty for travelers can be lodging. Using Hostelbookers’ user-friendly website, finding quality hostels and cheap hotels is easy. Use the filters to search for the perfect room for you.
In-depth descriptions of each venue lift your worries about scary policies you may not know about. Finding accommodations to the top traveling destinations is now safe and simple. Check out the travel blog, inspiration lists, and destination guides for ways to better your budget, and fill up your itinerary. Since 1999, Hostelbookers has been working globally to make hotel information accessible for everyone. Don’t be left in the dark, Hostelbookers can make a real difference.

FitDay is another of the great and useful websites, helping those who fail to succeed where other dietary plans can fail. Speak directly with nutritionists and health experts who can get you started in the right direction without spending hundreds of dollars or even having to meet in person. FitDay helps you monitor your intake of calories, carbs, and more with a PC and mobile application to make sure your body is in perfect balance. Its simple interface allows you to spend less time figuring out what you need to eat, and more time on eating right. A low-cost premium account means a cleaner interface and more customized experience. FitDay can make it easy to have a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Make exercise a lovable and social experience with the Endomondo App, amongst the useful websites. Providing fitness plans for countless activities, Endomondo provides a great motivation for everyone. It’s free and easy to use, which is important for being on-the-go. Endomondo tracks your progress and will motivate you to break your personal bests again and again. Getting in shape becomes something you can be proud of, and you can share with your friends and even the world beyond. Endomondo is powered by the Under Armor Connected Fitness program, so you know that Endomondo is all about getting in shape.
Getting fit should be fun, get Endomondo and enjoy it.

Losing a few pounds can be a simple as knowing what you eat. My Fitness Pal is a free App for PC and mobile featured in top magazines and Online newsletters. With an immense database of over 5 million foods to choose from, you can find out the nutritional facts of everything you eat at the push of a button. My Fitness Pal even allows you to scan barcodes to add products without having to search for them. Keep a balanced diet is important to weight loss and a healthy body, and My Fitness Pal can take you have in your cabinet and show you a recipe that tastes great and is low in fat or carbs. Being aware is the first step to a healthy diet, and My Fitness Pal can be your best friend.

Another one of the numerous useful websites is This site is an amazing resource for the car owner on a budget. By a few easy steps, and entering data after every fill-up of gas, you can accurately measure the efficiency of your car. Having to replace an expensive part can be scary, especially when you aren’t expecting it. Fuelly helps you know the health of your car, and budget accordingly when the time is right. Fuelly can track everything from MPG, total gas spent, and how much you should expect to spend on your next refuel. With over 380,000 users, you can expect Fuelly to be a reliable application to keep your vehicle ready for the road. Location tracking with thousands of stations can make data entry upon refueling simple and easy. Find out what you can do with Fuelly and make sure your car stays on your budget.

The “Progress Principle” states that that daily progress is the most important driver of overall work satisfaction, and setbacks are the most important impediment to work satisfaction. Teresa Amabile and Steven Kramer from Harvard Business School discovered this principle. With this study, comes the inspiration behind 3-Minute Journal. With 3-Minute Journal’s amazingly simple service, you can overcome stress and feel good about yourself by writing something every day. Just by entering something easy like three things you did today, you could be surprised by how much better you feel tomorrow. Considered amongst the useful websites, dare to give it a try, you won’t be disappointed by 3-Minute Journal.

Writing 750 Words is an interesting way to start one’s day. Users of are surprised to find that by writing a few paragraphs, you could express feelings that you didn’t really know about yourself. 750 Words is therapeutic and help you feel accomplished, while at the same time, helping you understand yourself and what you need. Not only is it therapeutic, 750 Words can improve your writing and creative thinking skills. Typing whatever you are thinking can be an effective tool, and one man along with his wife created a website to help develop writers that now serves over 376,000 people. One page can make a difference. is a unique website, offering a chance to help others grow and start something beautiful. Users may look to fund a project of a growing business owner with just a small investment of $25.00. With the collaborative efforts of many lenders, a project can be fully funded, and later, the borrower starts repaying the loan to encourage self-sufficiency. The proverb, about buying a man a fish, and teaching a man to fish creates sustainability, that’s something that “crowdfunding” doesn’t do. With a 97 percent loan repayment rate, among 1.6 million borrowers, I would say the lesson is well learned.

Next, I shook hands with an Indian man, who was dressed in bright colors. His appearance was cheerful, and he made me smile. He had a huge collection of free movies, over 15,000 of them, ready to show me if I was ready. The majority of the movies available on Zero Dollar Movies, are Bollywood type films, however, you can also find other popular movies from American Cinema. The movies are not streamed directly from the website but linked back directly to Youtube. The beauty of it all is that you don’t have to spend hours online searching for movies to watch, because ZeroDollarMovies, has done all the work for you, in the list of useful websites I found, this site is a great choice for movie lovers.

There are many interesting, enjoyable and useful websites out there, yet most of them are new or start-ups on the world wide web. Often times, people flock to the old familiar websites, and never hear about the new websites, or they don’t give them a chance. With all the new browser extensions available now like .im, .us, .life, and so many others, the doors are opened up wide for people to get to know lesser well-known websites, that prove to be useful to the user. Feel free to explore these useful websites on my list, and look for others too in the search engines, until you stumble across a website that you really enjoy. By using and sharing new or lesser known websites, we are helping the Internet grow from just a seed, into a lovely garden.

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