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Internet Marketing Advice For Newbie Internet Marketers


Internet Marketing Advice For Newbie Internet Marketers!

Today I want to share this internet marketing advice with beginners in the online business, I feel that they need to go through some form of “basic training” online to help ensure that they know what to do to get sales.

The world of online business is cheap and fast… but it isn’t always profitable. In fact, even the statistics back this claim up. 95% of all new online businesses will fail within their first year.

You don’t have to fall victim to this reality. You can have a thriving business that you can be proud of, and make a lot of money from. But hard work is definitely needed.

In today’s email, I want to put you through a short “boot-camp” to help ensure that you know what to do online to get sales in your business. Here’s tip number 1:

1) Don’t rely only on 1 strategy

The first internet marketing advice is you don’t have to rely on one strategy This is the biggest mistake that newbies make. And more often than not, the only way that they choose to get traffic is from pay per click advertising otherwise known as PPC

Pay per click is fine, but what will you do when all of your money runs out? Will you invest more into pay per click… only to witness that you’re not getting any sales at all?

Pay Per Click advertising PPC can be very addictive. You might put up an ad, drive traffic to your site, get a lot of opt-in email subscribers, and think that you’re about to make a lot of money soon.

Now, this strategy is actually a good strategy, but far too many newbies tend to give up on a lead if they don’t buy within 7 email contacts. I think this is not enough time.

2) You Must Generate Leads

Another internet marketing advice is generating leads. Now that I mentioned this strategy earlier, but it is just really effective. What you will want to do is to first build a “squeeze page”.

A squeeze page is simply a very small web page with the sole purpose being to capture a prospect’s name and email address – so that you can follow up on them via email with more information.

Don’t confuse your prospects when they land on your website, have them take one action, and that one action early will go a long way to make a difference in your business.

Don’t bombard your page with Facebook and Twitter buttons, a lot of affiliate images and links, big graphics, very little bullet points, and a video that takes very long to load. Never do this.

Take this internet marketing advice today and use them in your online business so that you can have the potential to make the money that you are looking for in your business.

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