Top Reasons Why You Are Not Able To Be Making Money Online Yet!

Top Reasons Why You Are Not Able To Make Money Online Yet!

Making Money Online
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The internet is an open platform where you can connect with people, a source of information and at the same time make money from it. A lot of people go into making money online (through the internet) with the mindset that is very easy. When they have been in the system for long and they do not get a tangible outcome, they tend to quit. Making money online from the internet requires a changed mindset and a lot of work. Seeing the profit of your hard work may take a long time, as internet marketing, like every other business, needs to grow before gain is realized.

Have You Ever Been Wondering Why You Are Not Making Any Money Online Yet After Investing Too Much Time And Resources?

Well, in this write-up, I am going to share the top reasons why you are not able to make money online yet and the reasons are as listed below, so I encourage you to read on to the end of this article and you will find out if the reasons listed in this article does reflect your ideal situation with regards to making money online.

Lack Of Idea What Making Money Online Or Online Marketing Is All About

Marketing online is a lot different from door to door sales. Most times people go into online marketing with no idea of what it is all about. They will want to open a blog, website, do affiliate marketing, sell on Etsy, sell on Amazon, Sell on eBay all at the same time. They do not have any idea on how to start and go about making money online.

Lack Idea of Approach For Prospecting Online

When prospecting online, you need to engage with your prospects on a regular basis. Any online sales person that sits and waits won’t be successful. Making sales online requires you to constantly engage your prospect with good contents. Most people find prospecting hard, prospecting is the only way to making big commissions and fat checks. Top online marketers know that prospecting your target audience regularly is the key to online marketing success.

You Buy Everything You Come Across To Help You Make Money

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There are a lot of e-books for sale on how to make money online, most of them claim to teach you how to make $1000 in 5days while sleeping. Most of this books are genuine and some are fake. You buy e-books, software, videos, audios and most times we pay for services which are supposed to help us make money online. Buying everything that says it will help you make money, won’t help you make any money.

Now You Are Overloaded with Information

With so much information about everything, you tend to achieve less. It is said that multitaskers have a 95% rate of not completing what they start because they have too many things to do. After reading different books on how to make money, you get confused on which method to follow and you have a lot of information that you feel the work should be easy. When applying that information, you realize that they are so many things you know and you are doing them all and it does not bring any income.

And You Are NOT Taking Any Action

How do you intend to start making money online when you have not taken any action. When we go online we then to be overwhelmed with music, videos, games and chatting with friends online. And we forget that we want to start an online business that requires consistent action.

You Are Looking Everywhere For FREE Things Only

Not all good things in life are free. Even though i had earlier stated that you should not buy everything online, they are software and courses online that you have to pay for, in order to make more money online.

You Have No commitment

If there is no plan, there will be no commitment. Most times we even make a plan and we do not keep to it. Making money online is not a “do when you want” job. You need to be consistent and committed to your online business.

You Are Not Setting Any Goal

When you do not have a goal, you will easily give up, abandon and venture into another business. Making money online also requires planning and setting up goals you tend to achieve. Both short term and long term goals will help you stay more focused.

You Lack Perception

No vision for your business. When you have no vision about where you want your online business to reach, you stand to lose. No proper plans are put in place to achieve your goal and there is no vision for your business, you lose interest and with this, there will be no success story. No vision, no growth.

You Are Lack of Patience
Patience is a virtue one must have if you want to succeed in making money online. Most people give up after they have tried different methods and it is not working for them. Making money online seems easy but it takes patience to see tangible results. You do not get to make $1000 after just a few days, does not work that way.

You Are Not Split Testing

You do not compare and try different online money making platform. We tend to want to try all at once, split testing works with online business. If you try a particular method and it does not convert sales for you a long time, you are encouraged to try and another method. With these, you can figure out the best online marketing and promote strategies that work for you.

You Are Inconsistent

When you want to try all the different online business market out there at the same time, there is no chance of you succeeding. Inconsistency should be avoided at all cost if you ever want to make money online. Changing from blogging to Instagram marketing than to affiliate marketing all in the period of one month, will not help you convert sales. Be consistent in a particular thing for a period of time before switching to another.

You Are Learning from the wrong people

One of the top reasons why you are not able to make money online yet is because you are learning from the wrong people. When you learn from people who do not know anything about making money online, you also will not make money online. There are a lot of online marketing coaches who have succeeded in making a lot of money on the internet. When you want to hire or learn from a coach be selective and choose those people who are consistent and know what they are doing.

You Are Trying to Master everything

When you become a jack of all online money making channels, you become a master of none.
Doing everything will not help you. When you master one thing and start making money from there, you can then become a coach in that field. Stick to one thing and master it, you will tangible sales from there.

You Do Not Want To Listen To Right People

You are always right because you have read so many ebooks, done so many online marketing courses and attended so many webinars. This attitude reasons why you are not able to make money online yet. When you listen to the right people who have been there and have succeeded or failed, you will have a better orientation on what you should do to earn online.

You Are Not Focus

You are not focused when you try to do everything at the same time. Having a business presence online and making money from it, requires you to be focused on what you want to do. When you are focused, you will be able to make money from the internet.

You Are Looking for Magic Bullets

How to make $1000 in 5 days. This is the kind of magic bullets we look for, the ones which are impossible. We are always looking for easy ways, also do not want to invest time in making the business work. There are no magic bullets when it comes to making money online. You either be ready to put in a lot of time, be consistent, patient and stick to one thing if you really want to make money online.

You Lack Self Motivation

When you lack self-motivation, you will not be able to complete any task. Having no self-motivation is a bad thing, as you won’t make any effort to start or continue when you do not see results quickly.

You Are Quickly Discouraged

When you get discouraged easily, making money online won’t be possible for you. Working online is not easy and smooth, and if you get faced with challenges and difficulties or you put all your time and effort, but still no gain. Do not be discouraged, try another method or niche.
Discouragement is not a trait one should exhibit if you want to earn using the internet.

You Are In Your Comfort Zone

With all your Instagram following, engagement, and great contents. You could still be in your comfort zone posting for your family and friends and you have failed to realize you could earn money while you are building relationships. We tend to get so comfortable with things around us. You can easily know someone in a comfortable zone when there is the internet and constant electricity and the person choose to do things that do not bring income. Get out of your comfort zone and start something. Because if you don’t, you will not make money online.

You Have The Wrong Combination

If you have a lot of following on your Instagram or Facebook page, does not mean you can start earning. Same applies to blogs, if you have a high traffic to your blog, this does not mean you have started earning. The right approach to earning online is when you can influence your audience to buy or complete a task that will make you earn.

You Lack passion

If you do not have the passion for what you are doing, the is a 75% chance of failure. This is because you can easily get tired of doing that thing. To succeed in making money online you need to have the passion for what you are venturing into.

You Are Not Stable

You must find what works for you and stick to it. If you are unstable you will not make money from the internet.

You Believe Everything is an Old Theory, It Just Doesn’t Work

If you do not believe that six figures can be made from just working online, then it really won’t work for you. Most people dismiss the idea of making money online and call it a scam or an old theory.

You Are In The Wrong Place

If you are in a niche you are not familiar with or have no passion for, you are definitely in the wrong. You should choose the right niche in order to make good results.

You Don’t Believe in Timing

Timing is important in online business. When things are done at the right time, better results are gotten.

Pros of Making Money Online

Making money is profitable if done the right way
It is cheap to start
It is fun to do if you choose a niche you have passion for
Your business can be automated


Making money online is very competitive
It requires a lot of hard work to make a name for yourself.


Empires can be made from making money online, but you first have to get started. The Top Reasons Why You Are Not Able To Make Money Online Yet that have been reviewed in this post are all true. Have a vision and set a goal you need to accomplish. When it comes to online marketing, if you have not been in the business for a long time and you want to master all, you will crash easily. Do not be discouraged with hard work, consistency and working in the right niche, you will be able to make money online.


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