List Of Top Social Media Marketing Tools To Supercharge Your Business

Social Media Marketing Tools To Supercharge Your Business
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List Of Top Social Media Marketing Tools To Supercharge Your Business

Social media has revolutionized the way we market goods and services. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and more others are the great platform you can use to market your stuff. So, as a business person, you cannot wish away social media as a great marketing tool. You will definitely need these Social Media Marketing Tools To Supercharge Your Business. For you to optimize your marketing potential, it is important to know social media marketing tools, their usage, pros, and cons. Before that, you need understand what social media marketing tools are.

What are social media marketing tools?

These are scheduled alert tools used to market your product or service. In other words, social media marketing automation tools do most of the work based on keywords.
Now that we understand social media marketing automation tools let’s look at their types;

First Among The Social Media Marketing Automation Tools Is:


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This is a social media marketing automation tools which automatically finds and schedules your content. Based in Vancouver Canada, HootSuite Media serves many customers across the world. This automotive tool is available in four packages (Professional, Team, Business, and Enterprise). One is provided with personalized training (though it caters for Team and Business packages). Also, free 30 day trial for all packages. This is good for testing its suitability in social media marketing automation. HootSuite uses major social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Since they provide 1 on 1 training, it recommendable for your marketing staff that is still green in marketing products and services through social media. One setback is the cost of operating Hootsuite. It’s a bit pricey a thus not all can afford it.

Another one amongst the Social Media marketing Tools is:


Bufffer Home Page
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If you who need a simple social media marketing automation tool, then Buffer is your answer. Buffer schedules marketing content, track its performance and management. They provide you with guides and tutorials. This tool has a 14-day free trial package and is highly affordable (paid annually). I recommend Buffer for those who are under tight budget. Buffer uses Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram (Buffer for Instagram). The one setback is limited services (compared to HootSuite) offered.


You Can Visit IFTTT Website Here
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A social media marketing automotive tool from Apple Inc. IFTTT use applets to create conditioned statements. The marketing contents (statements) are simple and straightforward. IFTTT is a free social media marketer and therefore if you are on tight budget or have no funds, it’s good to go! It uses Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.

Social Oomph

Visit SocialOomph website now
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The name Oomph suggests the boost it provides to your social media marketing exposure. It was previously called and initially for Twitter. However, they have spread their services to other social media. You want wide exposure then Social Oomph is what you need. The platforms covered are; Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Plurk. It has two packages Free and Professional. The free package covers twitter only while the Pro version other media. The good thing with Social Oomph Pro is the extensive social media marketing automation services provided. This is worth the money you pay for. The only setback is the cost.


Tweetdeck automates contents from different timelines under one roof. This social media marketing automotive tool manages your contents from different handles, schedule and posts them. You can open a team account for corporate use and therefore, Tweetdeck is good for big organizations/businesses with networks. It is limited to Twitter (as the name Tweetdeck suggests). Tweetdeck has nice features but limited to the Twitter platform only.


You can visit Tweepi website now
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This is a Twitter-based social media marketing tools that do background research of your followers. It then filters inactive followers and provides active ones. You are now able to market your services or products to these active users who market the same to other users following them. Tweepi is cool for getting more followers on short notice. Tweepi uses Artificial Intelligence called Sigma to do background research. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist in using Tweepi since it’s easy to use. Though pricey, it is a worthy social media marketing tool given the usage of AI (Artificial Intelligence). Just like Tweetdeck, it is limited to Twitter (and probably you may want to use it in other social media).


You can visit Socialfow website now
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Socialflow is one amongst the social media marketing tools that automatically boosts your social media traffic by increasing your marketing contents through different social media at the right time. They also partner with social media like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn to provide optimized exposure. Therefore, you get preferential treatment (and it’s no wonder BBC, Associated Press, Nickelodeon and other give SocialFlow a stamp of approval). SocialFlow comes with a 30-day free trial and it’s a worth try. The costs of operating SocialFlow may set you back especially if you are on a tight budget.

Sprout Social

You can visit SproutSocial website now
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Sprout Social is amazingly another one of the social media marketing tools that provides a platform for businesses and customers to communicate smoothly. Sprout Social is simple to use and interact. It supports Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Another beauty for this tool is the ability to send your marketing contents across different social media mentioned under one schedule. Thus, saving you time. However, it doesn’t have extensive services as compared to Social Oomph.

SocialBro  (also known as Audience Insights)

You can visit SocialBro website here
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Audience Insights is a research company that gathers information of potential clients through Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and LinkedIn. If you want to get the future trends or needs of your customers then, Audience is one of the social media marketing tools to choose. It gives you an edge over your competitors in what to market based on their intelligence reports. The prices they have set for various packages are pricey and probably target big businesses or organizations.


You can visit crowdbooster website here
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CrowdBooster, is one of the  Social media marketing tools which shows instantaneous data from replies, likes, retweets etc. CrowdBooster is a good tool for measuring the impact of your marketing content. Also, CrowdBooster team advise you which best marketing strategies to use based on the data obtained. This Social media marketing tool uses Facebook and Twitter platforms. It is limited to two social media and therefore can’t use with others.


Dashburst hompage image

As the name suggests, DashBursts shares your photos, articles, videos and anything online spontaneously. This is one among the social media marketing tools has no limits on the number of posts you do. It is a good social marketing automation tools if you are under tight budget. Also, if you are a newbie, the DashBursts platform is best suited.


You can visit Followerwonk website here
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FollowerWonk is s Twitter-based social media marketing tools, FollowerWonk analyzes your followers’ location, their tweeting habits and who they are. It also specifies where you are having loss and gain of followers. Thus, enable you to come with the appropriate course of action. One disadvantage is FollowerWonk is limited to Twitter only.


You can visit Quuu website here
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Do you want a social media marketing tools that automatically create contents on your behalf? Quuu does that by suggesting contents based on what you want to market and post them upon your approval. Quuu is suitable for those who have less time to do online marketing or the know-how. They have over 300 suggested contents to suit your marketing ideas. Quuu is available in various packages with a 14-day free trial.


Slack is an online platform whereby you network with people with different skills (Slack Team) needed to work on your project. This is automatically done via social media marketing tools and other web applications. If you want people who may want to market your products online or come up with strategies you use Slack.


ManageFlitter is a twitter based automation tools that let you find potential followers, a time when your followers are active and managing multiple accounts. It has a special feature called Powerpost. Powerpost lets you know when it is the best time to post your tweets. This social media marketing tools are suitable for marketing your stuff online. ManageFlitter has three products namely; Pro, Business, and Freebie. A 14-day free trial is offered. You can give a try. The only problem with ManageFlitter is the restriction to one platform, Twitter.


KingSumo Headlines

You can visit Kingsumo headlines website here
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If you are marketing your stuff in WordPress blog, this social media marketing tools is for you. KingSumo automatically searches the best title to fit your headline based on what the customers share. This title is then displayed to maximize traffic. The headline updates are continuous even for old articles you posted! They even give you headline performance reports so you can gauge marketing impact. You may want to try it for your blog and see the results.

You can visit here
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Based in Portland Oregon, aims to reduce routine posting of marketing content. is a social media marketing tools that enable you to automate your social media marketing process by uploading your website contents and place it on “queue” to be posted on autopilot to every of your social media account according to as was scheduled and again you need your brand or business to gain exposure to a wider audience on all social media website. Then all you to do is essentially letting to get to your site’s RSS feed and after that, you just sit back and watch as this amazing tool does the hard work for you on autopilot while you sleep.


Although these social media marketing tools can boost your business. The crux of the matter is in choosing the right one, costs and impact. In my opinion, I will gladly choose Social Oomph and HootSuite as the best social media automotive marketing tools. Why? Social Oomph has an extensive coverage of automation services in nearly all major social media. You feel the value of the money you’ve paid. HootSuite is suitable for first timers in social media marketing because they provide personalized training. They teach how to market your stuff effectively using the tools provided.

As long as cyberspace is around, social media is here to stay. Social media is evolving at a faster rate and you may realize some automation tools become redundant. Good examples are Instagress and ArgyleSocial. Therefore, a good background research of the best social media marketing tools to automate your marketing process will be prudent. So, best of luck in marketing your product or service in social media!

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