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Factors Impacting On Website Traffic Conversion To Sales


Factors Impacting On Website Traffic Conversion to Sales!

Exposure (traffic) is not the only thing required for successful marketing on the internet. Getting your websites found and visited by the right visitors and then getting those visitors to respond is relatively more important. There are several techniques you can use to get the desired amount of website traffic but they are all simply a waste of your time and money if your traffic is not converted to sales.

Even the most expensive websites fail to convert website traffic into sales and leads. Many websites spend a lot of time and effort but at the end, a very limited number of visitors convert to sales even after spending hundreds (or in some cases thousands) of dollars.

Design and traffic conversion are independent of each other. Proper layout and design may improve conversion, but working hard on an attractive and great-looking website will do a little to nothing for your business

Factors Impacting Traffic Conversion

There are multiple factors that affect traffic conversion. When a visitor visits your site, there are many factors that will affect whether they stay on the website or move on quickly. Getting targeted traffic to actually read your provided information or act on an ad shown on your site is determined by following factors:

  • The website must be easy to navigate and attractive
  • It should have exactly the same content that was shown in the search engine description. A description that tells the searchers that they will find facts but when they visit, they actually find a directory, negatively impacts your online reputation
  • A website that is difficult to read, has ugly or heavy graphics that takes too much time to load completely, clashing colors also result in the visitors leaving the website and returning to their web search and moving to the next website available. Pop-unders, Pop-ups, and other annoying ways of advertising mostly result in traffic withdrawals instead of conversions
  • A website that lacks high quality and relevant content and is only sales-focused inhibits conversion rates

Convince the Traffic to Convert

To increase traffic conversion to sales, you have to actually convince your visitors that they simply can’t live without buying what you are offering. Whether you are selling a product, using AdSense, or simply asking your visitors to provide their personal information to subscribe to your mailing list, your website traffic must feel compelled to need your information.

Most individuals think that they can quickly convert traffic to sales by using a long sales letter which is highlighted in yellow color. Savvy Internet users are aware of this technique. Therefore, whenever they see yellow highlighting on a website, they move away. The traffic wants information in the first place.

Provide them their required information, then they will want to convert. Tell them exactly what you are offering – concisely and honestly. Sales letters saying something like “only the next 10 people get this deal” or “you have a chance to win $1 million this month” don’t work. Be real, be honest, and you will surely find more traffic converting to sales.

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